Medical Aesthetic Clinic designed to meet your beauty needs.

With over 24 years in the industry, the DRx Aesthetic Clinic has been pioneering in Singapore’s medical aesthetics scene and committing ourselves to provide our customers the highest level of care and safety.

Your beauty is our priority

Intuitive, personalised and professional, we ensure comfort and safety at every step of your aesthetics journey. From pre-consultation to past-treatment, we will see you through each process so that you receive the utmost care you need.

Diversity is key. Everyone’s beauty deserves to be celebrated.

medical aesthetic services
DRx aesthetics medical clinic

Award-winning products.

We know that everyone’s skin has their own unique needs and problems, DRx makes sure to pair you with a unique combination of products or a tailored regime that suits your skin’s needs.

Our signature treatments

Achieve brightened skin

Achieve youthful skin

Achieve tighten and smoothen the skin under your eyes.

Achieve healthy scalp for hair growth

The professional consultants for skin problems and aesthetic concerns.

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