RF Microneedling

The 10 minutes miracle

  • Short treatment time (10 minutes)
  • Use PULSED radio frequency mechanism without any side effect
  • Multi-treatment that deals with multiple skin concerns
  • Minimal downtime
Use PULSED radio frequency mechanism without any side effect
Short treatment time (10 minutes)
Multi-treatment that deals with multiple skin concerns
few true picosecond lasers
Minimal downtime

RF Microneedling

Let us prove it to you

  • Improvement in skin laxity
  • Minimizing vascular pigmentation
  • Minimizing the appearance of scars
  • Improvement of skin texture and tone
  • Skin rejuvenation

RF Microneedling is the latest generation RF technology delivered via a microneedle FDA approved and clinically proven to safely and effectively heals specific areas of the skin by destroying abnormal blood vessels in the dermis without compromising the integrity of the epidermis.

Suitable for

RF Microneedling suitable for skin rejuvenation. It treats enlarge pores, wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea and skin laxity.

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How it works

Repair damaged skin cells​

The frequency of energy released from RF Microneedling is 2 mHz. The Sylfirm needle tip will enter the skin to a depth depending on the purpose of treatment, up to a maximum of 3.5 mm. The needle body will stay in the skin for exactly 0.32 seconds, enough time to take effect without causing skin burns or darkening after the treatment.

The energy emitted from the needle body will act as a repair on damaged skin cells and blood vessels, increasing collagen & elastin strongly, helping solve skin problems. At the same time, the energy from RF Microneedling also helps restore the basement membrane (the membrane contains the basic cells that make up the skin), to protect the skin to help skin healthy and increase vitality. With energy pulse mechanism and Na effect, RF Microneedling will ensure selective treatment of damaged skin cells without affecting overall skin health.

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What’s the difference

Effective results

In comparison to laser toning treatment that is effective but may damage the melanosomes in the epidermis, RF Microneedling treats the skin problem from its root cause without losing the integrity of the epidermis. RF Microneedling safely coagulates or puts together the over proliferated blood vessels in one’s skin and target it effectively to get rid of it.

See it for yourself

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RF Microneedling is the latest generation RF microneedling device FDA approved and clinically proven to safely and effective.

It uses SR3 (Selective Regional Regeneration Radio) Repeated Pulse (RP) technology, which reacts only to abnormal tissue membranes and blood vessels that contribute to pigmentation. Minimally invasive microneedle electrodes generate a therapeutic electromagnetic field of energy that safely penetrates the dermal layer. 

Most people have a weak skin basement membrane caused by sun exposure or ageing. If the basement membrane is weak, melanin pigment will move deeper into the skin, making the pigmentation harder to remove. 

Everyone is suitable for Sylfirm, including tanned or dark-skinned individuals.

RF Microneedling is ideal for those who have melasma, extreme blushing, and rosacea. It also blocks melanin from moving from the epidermis to the dermis by strengthening the basement membrane (a wall between the dermis and epidermis). If the membrane is strong, it will keep what is within well protected and away from harm.

One of the advantages of Sylfirm is its ability to improve the overall appearance of one’s skin, making it the first multi-treatment that deals with all skin concerns.  By solving the fundamental problems of over-proliferated vessels and minimizing recurrence, RF Microneedling is result-oriented. Fine lines, dull skin, acne scars and large pores are also some of the problems Sylfirm can tackle.

While the frequency and number of treatment will vary depending on individuals’ skin concerns, it usually takes five to ten treatments at three week intervals. Significant results- cleaner and healthier looking skin may be seen after two to three sessions. The best way to control skin ageing or flushing is via maintenance.

Our patients have claimed that the treatments do not hurt, and has no downtime. Any rare redness or obvious signs will go down within hours.